The Blast Lords are a Raider group operating in the Detroit Metro Wasteland in 2285. They are one of the more organized raider groups. They are also more reasonable and willing to allow a traveler to leave alive rather than killing and mutilating them. The Blast Lords are infamous for their expertise with explosives. It is unknown how they have so many bombs but they are constantly laying minefields and planting roadside bombs. They use these to cut off access through popular travel points. When a victim arrives the Blast Lords inform them of what is coming ahead, and that they are standing in between two shaped charges and a daisy chain of landmines. They are presented with a simple choice. Pay a toll and be guided through the minefields, or take their chances. The Blast Lords will not harm or even rob someone who makes it through successfully, but if they try to flee back the way they came they will set off their bombs.

The group holds a quasi-religious reverence of explosives. They consider them to be a force of the Divine and an agent of fate. That is why they will allow those who make it through the minefield with their own wits to escape, they have been spared by the Divine itself and are untouchable. Beyond that not much is known about them.