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Lore for a fan made Fallout setting based around the Detroit area

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  • new page Hapoy Tin
    created by Hezbolgang
    New page: Hapoy Tin is the mayor of the First Estate
  • edit Safe Arbor
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  • new page Safe Arbor
    created by Hezbolgang
    New page: Safe Arbor is a settlement in the Jetroit Metro Wasteland. Built over the ruins of the town of Ann Arbor it is one of the oldest settlements in the...
  • new page Logs, Holotapes and Notes
    created by Hezbolgang
    New page: USCG Blackfoot Logs October 24th, 2077 Caught a steady stream of ships fleeing into the Lake as we travelled toward the city. Some people on them...
  • new page Confederation of the Maw
    created by Hezbolgang
    New page: The Confederation of the Maw is an alliance of tribals that reside to the south of the Detroit metro Wasteland, around the Toledo area. They are...
  • new page Nucleon Headquarters
    created by Hezbolgang
    New page: The Nucleon Headquarters is a building in downtown Detroit. It is the palace for Putrid, the leader of the Forsaken. Located in the dense business...
  • new page Shepherds of the Deluge
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    New page: The Shepherds of the Deluge are a reclusive survivor group and religious movement. They dwell in their survivor compound to the northwest of the city...
  • new page Barteritaville
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    New page: Barteritaville is a settlement in the Detroit Metro Wasteland. It is constructed in a tunnel, part of the collapsed subway network of Detroit. When...
  • new page Devil Dogs
    created by Hezbolgang
    New page: The Devil Dogs are a Raider group operating in the Detroit Metro Wasteland in 2285. They are one of the most savage groups, killing, maiming and...

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