The Frontier Trading Company is a state-owned corporation operated by the Peninsular Empire. It controls trade on the periphery of the empire as well as dealing with matters of exploration and prospecting. Though it is under the control of the Peninsular Senate, it has a large deal of leeway in dealing with outsiders. The Company's primary mission is to turn a profit and integrate the Peninsular Empire into the economy of surrounding territories in order to enact influence and make it easier to conquer these areas down the line.


Formed in 2181 as the Peninsular Republic adopted its current socioeconomic model. When new areas were conquered, the inhabitants were forced to either submit a headtax or become property of the state. These slaves would then be auctioned off to anyone, including the freemen who could pay the tax. The Frontier Trading Company was created to process these transactions. Over the years it would grow as the Peninsular Republic became more involved with outside trade. Slave caravans were the first major expansion of the Frontier Trading Company and as they made contact with outsiders more and more often these trade links turned to other kinds of good. The Republic sought after weapons and technology more than anything else.

With the setbacks against the Brotherhood of Steel and the various factions of the Detroit Metro, the Frontier Trading Company has changed roles somewhat. Rather than merely being an extension of the Peninsular Empire, it now functions to integrate itself into the economy of areas that are unfriendly and diplomatically win over locals. The caravans bringing in goods are a welcome sight in the Wasteland and it makes it less likely for wastelanders to fight those who send them.