The MegaWatt clan are 'techno-barbarians' who rule over the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They have established a nation and rule over it from Great Raco, a former military base. They present themselves as tribals who have advanced to settlements but in reality they are a front by the Enclave who artificially guided the development of their society.

Major Locations

Republic: an unincorporated community which was home to a massive Ultra Low Frequency transmission dish. Meant to allow the US to communicate with its forces over the globe in case of the satellite network being damaged, a massive underground antenna was built to beam signals directly through the Earth's crust. Much of the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan was used for this project. The Enclave has taken interest in this side as it would give them the ability to transmit signals globally.

Great Raco: Former Raco Army Airfield, a missile defense base in the Upper Peninsula. It survived the Great War intact and the Enclave helped the MegaWatt Clan restore it. They scavenged some technology but the Clan has settled there in the aftermath and it is now a mighty palace and a depot for VertiBirds to be refuelled and drop off supplies or personnel.