The Motor City Union is a faction in the Detroit Metro in 2285. It is comprised of two main settlements, the First Estate and Fridgerator Fort. Several smaller settlements are also included among its governance. It holds land mostly in the northern suburbs of Detroit. It is lead by Johnny Corvega, a former mercenary. He was elected the Warchief when the Union was formalized in 2281, and leads the powerful Unitary Army which is made up of recruited raiders and mercenaries.

First Estate

A large housing project that was mostly undamaged during the war and the aftermath. It was located near a pristine golf course that had been surrounded by urban sprawl. The neighbourhood was uninhabitable due to radiation until several decades after the war had ended. Eventually the descendants of survivors moved in, using the ruins as a base for their scavenging activities. The settlement grew over the years and the settlers began to farm using the golf course and a nearby park. Their efforts were successful but the yield was low. For several decades the community would stay small until the discovering of an untapped aquifer located nearby. Construction workers had built piping and pumps but had never turned them on. The settlers finished this project over a period of about a decade and soon had a clean source of fresh water. This allowed them to expand their agricultural activities. Nearby ruins were cleared out and more farms planted and the community grew. It was able to grow untainted food and sell fresh water, making it a power in the region.

Frigerator Fort

Formed from an apartment complex that survived the war. Survivors attempted to survive inside and constructed a pallisade made of cars and refrigerators looted from nearby homes. Their project would be uncompleted and they were wiped out. Later settlers would discover a truck containing a shipment of fridges and use it to finish the wall. By 2205 the town was booming and would expand far beyond the original pallisade. Like a castle of old the interior building and wall would shelter the residents if raiders attacked.