Based out of the ruins of Fort Wayne, the RadRunner's are one of the regions most successful trading operations. Their caravans are known to be escorted by well armed and well trained guards sporting energy weapons. They are widely trusted to move valuable goods for this reason as only the most desperate or confident of bandits would dare to mess with their convoy. They are also considered by most parties around the Detroit Metro to be a neutral party in the ongoing war and are usually left alone. Those who attack regardless often find themselves the target of mercenary groups or raider gangs.

The company was founded in 2274 as a messenger service and has quickly expanded its operations throughout the region. Multiple caravans make the circuit around the Detroit Metro, buying and selling goods. They have several trade outposts in the area and have a large Fort at Port Huron. They specialize in the delivery of laser weapons and energy cells, selling the same weapons they arm their guards with. Other delivery services offered are fresh water and radiation medicines. This has made them a vital lifeline for the scavengers who risk their lives searching for access to the Detroit Arsenal.

The RadRunners in reality are a front for the Enclave. They receive VertiBird shipments of energy weapons and cells dispatched from the Chicago Depot Bunker, which are brought to Fort Wayne and unloaded. The Enclave uses this and other Caravan and Exploration companies as fronts to spy on regions it is interested in and even influence the political situation. Their activities in the Detroit Metro region are merely a front hiding some plot of the Enclave in its Long War to reclaim America.

Despite this, the RadRunners are a genuinely reliably and even affordable Caravan service. They might copy a travelers documents but they will get your goods where you need them.