Safe Arbor is a settlement in the Detroit Metro Wasteland. Built in the city of Ann Arbor which survived the bombing intact, it is the largest human settlement in the area. It is also one of the oldest, having survived since the Great War itself. By 2285 it was an independent city state, ruling over the surround territory. Its walls and large military kept it mostly safe, but in the preceding years it had lost much of its influence. At its height, Safe Arbor controlled vast areas in the outskirts of Detroit proper, but it has been pushed out by the Dominion, the Taylor Raiders and the Tribal Confederation.


Ann Arbor was fortunate during the Great War. No Chinese warheads struck the city despite the valuable university and industrial targets located within it. It is unknown why the city was spared, some theorize that a large number of students and faculty at the University of Michigan were infact communist sympathizers or agents and the Chinese did not want to destroy a potential fifth column. Others believe that the missiles coming for the city were engaged by the Detroit laser defense arrays, or was meant to be mopped up by Chinese bombers. Regardless, the city survived. Panic engulfed it as bombs hit targets in Detroit and at the nearby Airbase.

The Midwest National Guard would use Ann Arbor as a staging ground, with most of the manpower in the city itself being sent to assist in Detroit. The Ann Arbor police and a battalion of National Guard remained to keep order. Within a week, the troops and police in Detroit began returning. The city had fallen into total chaos and the black rain had exhausted all supplies of radiation medication. The troops had killed a great number of survivors merely fighting their way out.