Faction of reclusive survivors who reside in Tall Town. They rarely leave the safety of their tower and only allow outsiders into one of the outlying buildings to conduct trade. There are rumours abound the population that they are cannibals or vampires.

Tall Town was originally a luxury hotel. In the immediate aftermath of the war it was used as a safe haven by survivors because of the thick lead paint on the outside. Two years before the war the building had been bought for refurbishment as a next generation high tech hotel to attract more tourists. The outside had been given a garish white paintjob to represent rebirth. Inside it had its own water reclaimation systems and fusion reactors to power everything. These systems would survive the war and continue to operate in the first few years afterwards. The building was then abandoned. In 2214 it was reinhabited by a group with the knowhow to repair the systems. They got the fusion system running and had electricity which they used to recharge batteries and sell to outsiders. This let them bring in enough goods to make a self sufficient community.

The Scrapers are their descendants. The live at the very top, far above the filth of the city. The lower levels have been made into a fortress with layered defenses, sentry bots, turrets and booby traps. The building is connected via a walkway to several nearby structures and a wall of cars was built around this. Traders are allowed into an outlying parking garage to conduct their business and there is a small hotel for those who simply must stay but it has sparse accomodations. The scrapers are considered to be recluses and some say they are survivors from Vault 36 who distrust wastelanders after the conflict between their people