The Dammed Men are a race of mutated subhuman creatures that comes from areas of Southern Ontario. They have spread across the Great Lakes and can be less commonly found around their shores, with some reported as far away as The Pitt. They look like a cross between stunted human beings and beavers. They live in dams made up of wreckage from homes, vehicles and other relics of human life. It is unknown why they are so attracted to these materials but it is widely believed that the Dammed Men have some recognition of their degeneration and seek to reclaim some form of humanity. Others think its just the best material around for a man sized beaver to use in a dam with a lack of available trees. Either way they are a threat to travelers and fishermen in the region and are usually shot on sight.

The largest settlement of dammed Men is in the Neutron Falls area. It is believed the species originated from here, descended from beavers who had migrated to avoid humans who were hunting them. The Neutron Falls was totally uninhabitable to human beings and might have become their refuge. Others claim the species was a top secret Canadian military project from before the annexation, meant to launch a counter invasion of America using its waterways. The truth on this matter is known to nobody and will likely never be fully revealed. Most people in the wasteland have little interest in studying another race of mutants anyhow, especially ones that rip down their hovels to damn their irrigation channels.

In the Detroit Metro area there is a large colony of Dammed men along Grosse Point. They are a frequent hazard to the traders of the Kingdom of Sarn and Dominion who travel towards the city from that route.